mercredi 1er juin 2016, par GAS

The Groupe d’Appui et de Solidarité (GAS) was born in 2007. The association’s mandate is to cut down inequalities. It’s set goal is to ameliorate life quality and social fabric, in its international projects (in Benin and in Morocco) as well as at a more local level (in Picardie and Ile de France).

To do so, the association has developped several themes and skills, which are as many aspects and pointers for life quality and social fabric : health (and more specifically, the fight against HIV/Aids), interculturality, fight against discriminations, sustainable development, environment, alimentation, citizens’ commitment, mobility, migration, gender studies etc...

Our procedures of action take place at three different levels :

  • Information and Sensibilisation of the genral audience ;
  • Formation of targeted audiences and their leaders, inside schools, structures of non scholar education, social structures or local collectivities ;
  • Accompanying sensibilised actors (such as volunteers and employees) towards changing
    We are in line with an approach in research/action.
    Our actions, which aim at a social change, go with a production of knowledge (via a scientific research, a diagnostic, a follow-up and an evaluation), which we make a point to share and spread (scientific publications, organisation of seminaries, writing capitalization documents etc...)

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  • The team : employees and volunteers
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