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Status and history

mercredi 1er juin 2016, par GAS

GAS was created in March 2007 by three volunteers who had just come back from Benin.

  • 2008 : The volunteers and the first employee build the ground of the association.

  • 2009 : Two more jobs are created, one as a representative for international solidarity and one as a representative for education to development.

  • 2010 : GAS takes in a third employee who developps a social project in Picardie. After that, GAS gets its three poles structure : International Solidarité, Education to Citizenship and Solidarity, and Research.

  • 2011 : PACoV, a project which was led in Benin for three years, comes to an end, as it was initially set, with a global evaluation of the project and the approach, in order to get the latter accredited. GAS subsequently obtains the National Education and Youth and Popular Education credits, which recognize the educational quality of the actions it runs in Picardie.

  • 2012 : GAS is recognized as an organism that can propose formations by the DIRECCTE of Picardie. GAS is recognized as a relevant actor in the domain of International Solidarity.

  • 2013 : GAS is allowed to send young people aged 17 to 30 in European Voluntary Service. We developp a technical partnership with the association Romans International (Drôme).

  • 2014 : Clément Soriat defends his thesis, entitled "the associatives actors and the fight against aids in Benin : from proffessionalisation to governing the bodies". We developp a technical partnership with the association Migrations et Développement. A study is set to evaluate the impact of the PACoV project, three years after it has ended.

  • 2015 : A first project of European Volunteering comes to light, in partnership with Migrations et Développement, as well as local partners which accomodate young people aged 17 to 30.

  • 2016 : PAQuaV, a second project which was led in Benin for three years.
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